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January 20, 2011

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

by bye2mrwrong

If only all it took was: Just a spoon full of sugar to help the misery go down in the most delightful way…

I cannot believe my ears. I just came back from my lawyer and what does he tell me? That after all this time (and money), maybe I should reconcile. That the smartest thing might be to reconsider my husband’s initial proposal. The initial proposal that was something like: “Get the eff out of MY house, and I won’t tear you apart”. Yes you read right. He said MY house, not ours!

Is he insane? What happened to the fighting spirit? Maybe it’s me who has lost the fighting spirit. Maybe it’s me who cannot handle this divorce taking any longer. I feel like staying in this house, in this country, in this mess is holding me back from my life. I need to move on, to start something new, to rebuild me!

I not only need but also want to rebuild my confidence, and win back my self esteem. I want to regain my trust in people and mend my broken little heart. I want to look in the mirror and be happy with the reflection I see staring back at me. I want to learn to love again. Not just a man, but me.  But above all I want to leave it all behind. To make a fresh start. I want to be able to let it go, to (forgive?) and forget.

Things I may need:

  • 1 large desire for change
    then stir in:
  • 1 cup of courage
  • 1 cup of strength
  • 3 cups of honesty
  • 1 pinch of humor
  • Chill for couple months
  • Open new life and enjoy
    Serve with smile or tears depending on mood!

If only all it took was just a spoon full of sugar to help the misery go down, in the most delightful way…

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January 10, 2011

Let’s Kill All The Lawyers (Part II)

by bye2mrwrong

“It is better to be a mouse in a cat’s mouth than a man in a lawyer’s hands.”

That’s it, this pussy lawyer has totally pissed me off. This has just become a game of shuffling papers from left to right and then back again. What are we hiring lawyers for anyway? To take our money at a rate for $150 per hour??? No wonder everyone hates lawyers.  It seems like “they’re rescuing our estate from our enemies but keeping it for themselves”. What is it with lawyers anyway? They all dress the same, they all talk the same… and it seems that they all smoke the same cigar.

I mean I pay this guy to help me out, to give me advice, to fight for me; and all he does is hand me over some papers and ask me for my comments. I mean if I knew what to do in the first place, then I wouldn’t have hired him. Do I look like a serial divorcee that knows what the hell she’s doing? I thought he was the expert.

OK so maybe I do need him to help me “rip out my husband’s genitals through his wallet”, and to make sure that I even get the papers handed over to me in the first place, but he’s letting me do all the work. So what’s the point?

So big-loud- mouthed-brave me, I decided to write my lawyer exactly what I think of him, I was going to tell him off, to give him a piece of my mind, to do some good tongue lashing, to tell him this is my life not a game between lawyers… but at the end I found myself writing a nice polite restrained  letter instead. So much for showing him who’s the boss!

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December 14, 2010

Friend or Foe?

by bye2mrwrong

“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer”

Every evening at dinner, my husband and I always discussed our work. We would complain about our jack ass bosses, gossip about our colleagues, tell each other the strange stories of the day, and laugh at the pathetic turn of events.

My husband had more than 50 employees working for him, most of which I knew, but once in a blue moon he would hire a new employee and tell me about them. And just like any other, one evening my husband told me about HER.  He had mentioned her before in conversation, but nothing worth taking notice of.  Now he decided to tell me more. She was from out of the country like me, around my age, and about to divorce. Her husband was one of those dull introverts with no social life, so even though she had been living here for 4 years, he hadn’t introduced her to anyone and she still had no friends.

After telling me about this new pathetic employee, he nonchalantly popped the question: asking if I could take her out. To try to convince me he told me even more:  She didn’t drink; she didn’t dance, was extremely shy and introvert, and really needed a girlfriend. So here I was thinking what the hell is the point? If I want a new friend I want one who’s a bit like me and shares MY interests. But if she doesn’t drink, then going to a pub would be quite boring. And if she doesn’t dance, then I might as well take my husband to a club; he could also just stand there, lifeless watching from the sidelines.  I felt like she was a volunteering project which was dumped on me and I had to play big sister.

While I wasn’t convinced I needed to get to know this girl, my husband invited her over anyway, to watch a movie at home with us. Strangely enough he chose horror, HER favorite genre and the only one which I absolutely HATE. But anything to be a good host, right?

Of-course the minute she walked in… I already had this bad feeling about her. Everything about her repulsed me. The way she talked so quietly it was almost like a whisper, the way she was so fidgety and scared as if I was going to devour her, the way she was already talking to my husband like they were best friends for years …

It wasn’t because I’m a jealous woman, but because we girls just have this six sense about other girls and their intentions. And we all know those girls! Their sweet, shy and timid manner may fool the men, but they don’t fool us. So when we meet a girl like that, we stay away, and make sure our men do too!

By the end of the evening I was completely convinced that I wanted nothing to do with her. But somehow in my husband’s twisted little mind he must have hoped that we would hit if off, become best friends, giggle together, maybe share a bed…

What was he thinking? Come to think of it what was she thinking? I can’t imagine ever wanting to meet the woman your lover is married to. Let alone try to become her friend. I understand now why she acted so antsy around me. It must have felt nerve wrecking. Not that I feel bad for her, don’t get me wrong.  The idea still freaks me out. Was she judging me? Scrutinizing what I looked like, how I talked, laughed, or dressed. Was she trying to become me? Hoping to one day take my place? Till this day this is still beyond me.

But since salvation didn’t come from me, and my husband could see that I wasn’t going to invite this girl every evening for dinner; he decided to do the next best thing to make sure she stuck around. He introduced her to his newly divorced brother!