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July 21, 2011

Lesson #10: God Never Gives Us More than We Were Designed to Carry

by bye2mrwrong

Some of us were designed to carry more, some less.
No matter what, even if we are asked to carry a portion of sky, it is beyond bearable. It is a gift.

I’m not sure I agree with this one. Is any one person designed to carry such burden and adversity as the loss of a child, or the birth of a malformed one,  to live with the aftermath of a perilous accident, or an incurable disease?

A friend once told me that she believes that those things that are the hardest for us to cope with are the things that will happen to us, so we can become stronger from them. This I somehow believe. Why, because all my life I was afraid of divorce. Divorce was something that unlike some disease (which I believed only happened at old age) or death (which I preferred not to think of at all) seemed tangible enough to happen, conceivable, real. Even the word brought chills down my spine. In my close-knit family no one divorced. It was unspoken of, a taboo, a big no-no. Whether NOT divorcing under any circumstance was right, I don’t know. All I know is that it just wasn’t done. And so it became my biggest fear.

Now that divorce is behind me and I’ve carried its heavy weight on my shoulders and in my heart; I have new fears. Fears of not finding anyone, fears of never having children, or of being barren; fears of death (mine and others) and the list goes on. Will I have to experience them all? Am I designed to carry more? I sure hope not. But I guess God will be the judge of that.

P.S. Yes I’ve skipped lesson #9.

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