About Me!

What can I say? “I’m a little bit lost without him, and I’m a bloody big mess inside…”

I’m another divorce statistic, another girl left in the cold by her cheating husband.
Well at least my experiences make for an interesting blog….

Usually energetic, fun, and  love to laugh – now at 30+ I’m starting all over again.
I’m letting go of the past, moving forward  and saying goodbye to Mr. Wrong!

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12 Comments to “About Me!”

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!! I look forward to hearing your story and experiences.

  2. I just found your blog and you’re an excellent writer! I am also dealing with my husband’s infidelity. It is such a difficult road no matter what path you choose (saving the marriage or divorcing). Why do our cheating husband’s do this to us?

    • Hi,

      I just read your post as well. And I know exactly what you’re going through. I understand the emotional roller coaster you’re in (I will be writing about that in one of my next blogs). I went through it as well, many times a day. sometimes I wanted a hug, and sometimes I wanted him as far from me as possible. Sometimes I was just mad and other times completely sad. I get it!

      Also my psychologist didn’t seem very helpful, he kept giving me these strange metaphors that didn’t seem to help at the time. I took a break from him for 2 months, and have now decided to go back as I realize I still need to talk…and some of the things he said only started making sense later – when I was in a better mental state.

      The only thing I can recommend now (especially since youre trying to work on the marriage) is that your husband go with you to councelling and do everything in his power to be supportive of you (mood swings and all). Read my useful links on my blog. The article on how to rebuild trust after an affair can be really helpful, if your husband has really decided to give it his all.

      Good Luck…and I hope to see you more on my blog!

  3. Your blog is fabulous. You’re such a strong and intelligent woman–you deserve the world! I hope you find unexpected peace and joy in this new year.

  4. Thank you for commenting on my new blog. I fell down the rabbit hole of this blog and really enjoyed reading through it. We have similar styles so I found it relatable, despite the fact that we are in different places in our lives. I hope the new year holds much success and happiness and love.

  5. I tried the psychologist route – hopeless! I’ve now been doing Life Coaching for the last 5 months and it’s brilliant. My Life Coach is also a Relationship Coach. I just we had found him earlier as we might just have had a different outcome to the meltdown one we ended up in.

    Good luck and here’s to a fantastic 2011 for all.


  6. Hey I am a relationship coach as well. I am very good. I meant it when i said that you could talk to me and I mean NO CHARGE!


  7. So why have you stopped blogging, is that you have found new love?

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