Erase and Rewind

by bye2mrwrong

If only I had a control button, I would press pause, rewind, erase and DELETE. Or maybe I would just capture a few segments and change them. So what was my year in rewind: Discovery day, psychology SOS, trying to mend a broken marriage, spying on the other woman, spying on the husband, becoming secretive, breaking down, flying back home, he follows but gives up, I fly back to find more lies, I leave again, a decision is made to divorce, the birth of a blog, exhaustion, insomnia, drinking the nights away, faking it, wildly dancing, dating again, falling in love, flying for love, double trouble, mending a broken heart, re-immigrating, leaving it all behind, starting anew.

So yes I’m erasing the past and starting chapter 2 in my so-called life. Because “If at first you don’t succeed – destroy all evidence that you tried”.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in a fantasy? We spend our lives trying to turn the FANTASY into REALITY. And who is to say we’re wrong for wanting our days to glitter and shine? For wanting our lives to feel like a dream that never ends? Trade fantasy for reality and you might feel like Alice back from Wonderland. The world may not sparkle and shine, but the ground will be solid beneath your feet. And your eyes will be open to all the adventures that lie waiting for you, right here in the real world!”

So what do I want my life to look like fast forward? I already know…and I think if you’ve read any of my posts you do too. I just hope that this time I don’t fall straight back into the rabbit hole. No fantasies for this girl, just a few resolutions to start the year: To get over it, to leave the past behind, and to be happy. Do things that make me happy and be with people who make me happy. That shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. So lets give it a try. Here’s to a brand new year full of happiness!

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9 Comments to “Erase and Rewind”

  1. Here’s to a wonderful New Year for you. We can’t erase because the past makes us who we are. We just have to look forward and focus…..

    My heartfelt wish is for a special 2012 for you.

    Lots and lots of hugs


  2. Do not deny the past nor wallow in it’s wake. I believe you to be a strong woman and I have no doubt your happiness,serenity and self-confidence will soon return.

  3. I’ll drink to that. Here’s wishing you a very happy 2012.

  4. All the best in getting all that…
    I hope Caroline is right, and 2012 is sêcial for all of us!

  5. You have not posted in a while hope you are ok and that you are enjoying 2012 x

    • I am much better. And very busy.
      But youre right…..maybe its time to get back to writing, at least to update you all.
      Thank you for your little reminder and ocncern.
      Hope youre enjoying 2012 too!

  6. Good to know that you are doing well and the lull is a consequence of your busy schedule :-). Loved your blog, but I don’t look forward to it anymore (atleast on this topic) because I guess you are into your future. Wish you all the happiness. Btw, I do look forward to your blogs, and I would pray that it is on a different topic 🙂

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