Returning To The Place Where It All Began

by bye2mrwrong

I had 8 days to spend back there, in the place where it all began and the place where it all ended. The place that built me and broke me. The place where I turned from a girl into a woman, from a woman to a wife, and from a wife to a divorcee’.

I had 8 days to pass there, and where once 8 days would have seemed like a flash; in a moment of fear and dread, 8 days seemed like forever.  Wanting to return before I even got there, missing my family, my friends, my room, and my home before I event left; the tension and the fear made me suddenly realize how fast I have adjusted to my new life, to my new surroundings. How quickly I already felt at home in this new place.

Funny how so many things in life are taken for granted. How I didn’t even realize how quickly I fit straight back in. Knowing the circumstances of my return, and that it was not me who wanted to leave in the first place, I never thought I would enjoy myself as much as I do in my new life. I never thought I would fit quite so easily without skipping a beat. I never imagined myself falling straight on my feet, ready to run again.

But apparently all I needed was to go back to the place where it all began in order to realize I am in a much better place now. I am much more content. Much happier and relaxed.  They say that “one way to appreciate what you have is to imagine yourself without it.” I guess as much as I took being back home for granted, imagined it would never suit me, or satisfy me… I now realize I love being back. It doesn’t mean I am never nostalgic, or sad, regretful, or reminiscent of my past; but it means I am also coming to terms with the new place I am in, my new life, my new beginning.

6 Comments to “Returning To The Place Where It All Began”

  1. I am glad that the healing is continuing.
    Blessings on you and yours

  2. Brilliant.

    I’m so glad things are going so well for you. Finding your love for your new life and that is has a lot to hold for you is wonderful news.


  3. Good for you! Keep going…x

  4. Oh, Bye2, reading this post makes me feel joyful for you. You’re doing great!

  5. I’m so glad that you are getting perspective and reframing all the pain into something hopeful. I’m almost two years out and I finally feel like I’m getting myself back. I get sucked back in, as you noted in your last post, but not knowing where your future is gives you the perfect excuse to just live in today.

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
      Yes it sure is difficult still after so long. Today I woke up and the first thought to come in my head was, why am I waking up alone? Just last year I was happy, and would have woken up in the arms of a man I loved. Thankfully, the thought didnt last long, and I contued with my day without going back into that lonely painful place which keeps trying to pull me back every so often.

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