Masking the Pain

by bye2mrwrong

She wipes away her tears and puts her mask on when the phone rings, telling the person on the other end of the line that everything is fine. I will not expose myself she thinks. I will not take off my mask and show the world the true me, the one locked inside.

Most of us wake up each morning and put on a mask. We blur our imperfections with makeup and we dress for the part we aim to play. The perfect disguise to shield us. A fake smile, a false laugh. We hide our flaws, tuck in our pain, and walk tall and proud pretending. We watch others around us and envy them for their seemingly perfect life. The couple walking down the street with their fingers entangled in each other, the skinny girl with the perfect skin, the rich business man with his fat wallet. They seem to have it all…

But do they really? Are they as happy as you think? Don’t let anyone fool you, behind that tough skin, lies a soft heart that was once broken. Behind that strong shield, the pretence of aloofness and indifference lies a hurricane of emotions. Lesson # 40: If We All Threw Our Problems in a Pile and Got a Look at Everyone Else’s, We’d Fight to Get Back Our Own. “Most of us are walking around blind to the gifts that we have been given until we see the problems others have endured”. Other people’s scars are no better than our own.  We are all broken, just in different ways. We have all loved and lost, we have all felt pain, we have all endured grief. But some of us manage to hide it better than others, masking the hurt and the pain. We may not be aware that behind the strong confident business man is a scared boy with fear of abandonment. Or behind the beautiful woman with her painted face, lies a lonely girl insecure of her own body.

Don’t be fooled into thinking someone else’s life is easier than yours, or that the grass is greener on the other side. Take a second and reflect on the things you’re grateful for. Learn to appreciate what you have before times makes you appreciate what you had. Imagine yourself without it, and then you’ll see how much you still have to be grateful for.

6 Comments to “Masking the Pain”

  1. Its so true.. it was like speaking my own thoughts…. 🙂

    • The thing about our masks is that we have the power, the choice to put them on or take them off. We can decide to fake it hopefully intil we make it. Or we can decide to show the world our vulnerable side and ask for a shoulder to lean on.

      I’ve realized that I have many people I can lean on. Many people who want ot be there for me, and hold my hand until I get back on my own two feet. For that i am grateful.

      I hope you too will have the courage and the support

  2. Tough day today. Thanks for the reminder that everyone else isn’t living the Life of Riley. It only seems that way.

    Still shoveling,

  3. Beautifully done, bye2. It took me so many years to learn that it was not smart to compare what I was feeling on the inside to what someone else looked like on the outside. We all wear our masks. Good for you for learning it while you’re still young.


  4. Well said. And so true.

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