Lesson 36: Get Outside Every Day. Miracles Are Waiting for You to Discover

by bye2mrwrong

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

The world doesn’t know that I’ve just gone through a major disaster. That my life has completely changed, and turned upside down. That I married only to find myself divorced; that I gave my heart, only to have it shattered. That I left full of hopes, only to come back empty-handed. While my light may have been momentarily switched off, and I may be sitting in the darkness waiting for the dimmest of light to slowly reappear, the world continues to spin. The sun continues to shine, the flowers continue to grow, the leaves fall, and the wind gently whispers “Maybe it’s time to come out of your shell. Hiding away won’t make anything better.”

Being cheerless and gloomy, pessimistic and skeptic, distrustful and closed; shelters me in the most protective way possible. But it also hides me from the beauty that is out there. The world is full of surprises, grand and beautiful. Yesterday may not have been so good, but tomorrow is a new day that brings with it a glimmer of hope. Who knows what miracles are out there waiting to be discovered, what the stars have in store for me if I just believe. If I just get out there, keep riding the storm, and keep moving forward.

So while I’ve ruled out the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and maybe even God. I haven’t ruled out wishing. I wish on stars. I wish on eyelashes. I wish on a penny as I throw it into a water fountain, I wish when I pluck a dandelion from the grass and blow its seeds into the wind. I’m wishing right now as I write this blog. Cause once in a blue moon miracles still do happen to those of us who are lucky enough. They happen without warning, when we least expect it, but desire it the most.

What miracle are you wishing for?

5 Responses to “Lesson 36: Get Outside Every Day. Miracles Are Waiting for You to Discover”

  1. I celebrated a miracle today. Since my February break up I have had zero desire to workout. I ran a few events without training, went on walks through the summer. I’ve gained 8 pounds and have almost no muscle tone. I look and feel squishy. So my miracle? I ran 3 miles today at the gym. I hadn’t run in ages and it felt great. So tomorrow, I must do it again before I start my computer programming class. I am determined, like you, to get out and start living again. But I’m thinking that the computer programming classmates aren’t going to be too sexy. But hey, you never know!

  2. Good post, bye2. I believe in miracles and I seem to discover more of them outside than not, so I love the title of this piece. I think I’m seeing a turnaround in you. Wonderful. And AthenaVox, it sounds like you’re on that road too. Congratulations to both of you.

  3. Excellent post! We are as it were all on the same road! And miracles will happen for us! As you say we just need to get out there so they can

  4. My personal miracle would be a friendly, good-looking, child-friendly, clever man falling for my amazing looks and personality :)… Not much really!
    Love your posts


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