In A New York Minute

by bye2mrwrong

“Some days you feel like you need to survive the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the jostles and jolts and sudden brakes. Life is a series of problems. Either you are in one now, you’re just coming out of one, or you’re getting ready to go into another one. The good times will come and then they will go. The bad times will come and then they will go. Our job is not to cling to one or fight the other but to allow them both to teach us and polish us.”

Nothing stays the same forever. With the passage of time, and without realizing it, the ugly duckling magically transforms into a beautiful swan. Like that duckling I too hope to blossom and grow until I no longer recognize myself. I hope that without realizing it as the days pass by suddenly the bad will change to good. I hope to wake up one morning and forget to think about him. I pray for a day to come where I no longer feel  sorry for myself. I yearn for the day when I am glowing with happiness, grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, and content with my new life.

I long for that New York Minute.

5 Comments to “In A New York Minute”

  1. You will, you will, you will. You are doing so well. I’ve been worrying about you for quite a few days. You usually pop by my blog and drop in a comment or two and I’ve missed you!

    Focus on your future my pet. Focus on all the wonderful things you want and can have. I know you can do it. You’re so strong. Stronger than you can imagine. I’m rooting for you all the way. We are all going to have amazing futures. We really are. I promise you!!!



  2. amen. thank you for the vision. I’d like to share it. it sounds so sublime — and achievable — especially in your case.

  3. I totally hear you. I also totally believe you WILL see that day, it takes time and work (effort in seeing the positive), and you are definitely doing the work!!

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