Questions and Answers

by bye2mrwrong

So I just posted a password protected post. My first one!

If you’re curious, dying to read it, can’t stop thinking about it, and just need to know what this post holds

Email me at and depending on who you are, where you’re from and your current status; you just might get the password.

5 Comments to “Questions and Answers”

  1. So where do I plug in the password?

  2. In the password protected post.

  3. Yes but how do I find it? Could you just email it to me at It does not show up in your recent posts.

  4. Okay I figured out where the password protected post was but I have lost the password that you mailed to me. It was something about this is a bad day. Can you send it again, I am sorry, I get several hundred emails a dya.

  5. okay I found the password and it does not work

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