Lesson #8: It’s Okay to Get Angry with God. He Can Take it

by bye2mrwrong

Sometimes you just need to let out all your anger before you can find inner peace. And when there’s no one left to blame, sometimes it’s relieving to turn our anger towards the Almighty. After all, God already knows about our anger, understands its source, discerns why we are angry, and can easily handle it. And being God Himself, the deity, the divinity, the everlasting; He surely has handled many a greater things.

So get mad, get angry. Scream, yell and shout. Let it out. I’m told it’s therapeutic.

I’m not really sure if I believe in God. When things are good in my life I don’t seem to think of Him too much, let alone have conversations with Him. But when things turn bad I suddenly find myself in desperation praying, pleading, on my knees begging, and on occasion even making promises I vow to keep if He would just grant me this one wish. When I receive no reply and my wishes are not granted I seem to get disappointed in this Greater Power which was not even in my consciousness before my wish needed granting. I remember that I’m not sure He even exists. After all where is this supremely good, merciful and just God when we need him? Why does he let us endure so much misery and suffering? Why does he allow bad things to happen?

Still, I think it’s easier for people to believe in God for a multitude of reasons. As an answer to all the unexplainable mysteries in the world, or so we can accept certain things that happen to us but also at the same time so we can blame Him for all the wrong-doings in our lives. Me, I usually don’t get angry with God or point a blaming finger; but I do have a lot of questions for Him. Mostly they come in the form of Why me? Why ME!!! Or what did I do to deserve this? The answer is always the same, complete and utter silence.

What this silence means I do not know. But I can only hope that my petty, egocentric self, misjudges God and his plans for me. Too often we assume that God should allow us to live without pain. We assume that we know what’s best for us. But we should never assume that we know God’s plan. For what may seem like a big and at times sad, painful or disappointing incident for us may be something small in the long line of chain-events which are meant to happen. It may be part of our destiny.

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5 Comments to “Lesson #8: It’s Okay to Get Angry with God. He Can Take it”

  1. God gave us free will which often results in broken people dumping on us. Satan is alive and well. Jesus said: “in this world you SHALL HAVE tribulation (troubles) but fear not for I have overcome the world”. God allows suffering in our lives and sometimes we don’t understand why. For example I was brutalized by my father that I did not deserve.

    It made me care for other people and to stop bullies when I can. Sometimes it just does not make sense at the time.

    Blessings on you and yours

    • But does it make sense now?
      Are you grateful for what happened to you then, because of the man you have become now?
      Would you not have become the same man without the pain and suffering that your father inflicted on you?
      Just throwing some thoughts out there…

  2. It does make sense to me now. It is how I ended up in the helping professions. Ironically, abused kids get bent one of two ways, they either grow up to be abusers themselves or they grow up and enter the helping professions to help save people because no one was there to save us at the time. My inner rage also taught me to fight bullies in school and get respect. I recently had 3 blacks jump me at a skyway stop and I fought back viciously and chased them onto the train.

    Do I recommend this, hell no, but because of it, I am a better man.
    Who knows who you will be able to help in the future because of the treatment you recieved at the hands of your ex?

    Blessings on you and yours

  3. While I consider myself a Christian, I do not believe in a God who messes with individuals or purposely causes pain to teach a lesson. I believe that humans interact and that interaction sometimes causes pain. I also believe in free will and evil – but not in the personal interference of Satan. I believe instead that individuals sometimes choose to do evil. My husband’s OW actually told me she was washed in the blood of the lamb and therefore freed of sin, but my objection to her continued attempts to re-establish contact with my husband indicated that I was allowing Satan to move through my life. For so many people, the belief that “everything happens for a reason” or that “we cannot know God’s purpose” allows the abdication of personal responsibility. On the other hand, when good things happen in my life, I do try to thank God that such blessings are a part of life – not that God purposely bestowed blessings on me individually.

    I actually live in the “Bible Belt” of the US, and if my neighbors and co-workers really understood my beliefs, I might be tarred and feathered….or run out of town!

  4. God doesn’t cause the bad stuff. He made a world full of people with free will, some people use that free will in ways that hurt others. God doesn’t promise to halt free will, and we can’t understand why it hurts so much, He can’t explain it to us. This is why He always offers forgiveness, He knows how messed up things are, how confused we are. And He does promise to help you when bad things happen. It’s good to reach for Him when you’re needy, He wants to help. It’s also OK to get angry with Him, (you can find tons of examples in the bible). You’re right, He can handle the anger in a way that no human can. He doesn’t get hurt, doesn’t respond with anger or insults, just compassion.

    The trick is how to hear Him, that takes time and sometimes we hear wrong. But He always wants us to keep trying, He never stops pursuing us, is always faithful. To do it though, you have to be calm. Anger, stress, frustration, desire… these things all cloud our minds and confuse us. “Sit still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. It’s like our parents saying, “KNOCK IT OFF! I’m your mother, I know what’s best.” You know you’re hearing Him when you feel peace, when you find calm, only then can you hear His whisper. If you feel tension or anxiety, you have to listen even harder.

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