Lessons #2: When in Doubt Just Take the Next Right Step

by bye2mrwrong

Fear of the unknown sometimes has a way of stopping us from moving forward in life.

The remedy: Just do the next right thing.

Usually we know the next step to take but it’s so small we don’t see it because our vision is focused too far ahead and all we can see is a giant, scary leap instead of a small simple step.

So we wait.
And wait.
We freeze.

No matter how far we intend to travel it all begins with the first step.

Take little baby steps…to big dreams.

What’s your next right step? Whatever it is, take it.

In my experience many people put their life on hold when divorce comes into play. I know I did. I waited a long time before I made my decision. Some people never understood what took me so long to make my move. But I’ve learned that not making a decision is also a decision. And sometimes it’s better to wait until you know in your heart of hearts what is right for you.

But it wasn’t just the decision to divorce; it was everything. My job, my house, my location, my life. It took me a year to make a move. But when I finally, it was a tremendously giant and overwhelmingly scary leap.

Any way I look at it, ultimately I did take a step. But I guess that for next time instead of being frozen for long period of time before jumping towards progression, I’d rather take smaller easier but continuous steps forward.


5 Responses to “Lessons #2: When in Doubt Just Take the Next Right Step”

  1. Positive affirmations all. Kudos
    Blessings on you and yours

  2. I believe in this – you need a big picture, but dont be caught up in it – get on with the next step and before you know it you’re a lot closer than what you thought!

  3. You hit the nail on the head. That next baby step is so important.


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