Lesson #1: Life isn’t Fair, but it’s Still Good

by bye2mrwrong

Live life by two simple words: “Get to.”
Instead of saying: “I have to go to work today.”
Say: “I get to go to work today .”

These words should remind us to be grateful for everything we have, everything we are. For living. For being alive.

Life is good.
Remember it.
Say it out loud.
Repeat it.

After all, the alternative seems worse.

Life is good. Pass it on.

As for my own interpretation for this lesson, well divorce is no game. It’s not pretty or fun. It sure as hell doesn’t feel fair that this happened to me, and it also doesn’t seem amusing or even encouraging to look around and see happy couples holding hands while I’m still sulking in my miserable breakup. But it’s not the end of the world and there are worse things than divorce.  I’m healthy and I’m ambitious. I’ve still got brains in my head, and feet in my shoes. And I can steer myself any direction ill choose.

I truly believe that even if I do not see it now….life is good and it will be better.

5 Responses to “Lesson #1: Life isn’t Fair, but it’s Still Good”

  1. I like that! I GET TO do things… noted! 🙂

  2. Obviiously you are growing and healing from where you were a year ago when you were viewing the world
    through crap colored glasses.

    Blessings on you and yours

  3. Thanks John. Indeed I have grown. And time does a great deal of healing. The only problem with time is that time takes time. But I’m taking baby steps and moving forward. And I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by family, freinds and co-bloggers and readers who have been encouraging and supporting me along the way.

  4. Brilliant! Go for it girl! The road is now clear ahead.. Walk it gently and take in the view. I’m with you all the way


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