50 Lessons to Find and Hold onto Happiness

by bye2mrwrong

One of my last days before leaving my old life behind, I met up with friends. I never really wanted to say goodbye, so it wasn’t really a party, or a going away. It was a small gathering, some drinks, a few chats, some laughs. But no goodbyes. Just a long see you later.

Friends passed by, said their hellos. Some brought just their pretty little faces (while I provided the camera, food and wine). Others brought small gifts for me to take along on the ride to my new destination, my new life. Things I might remember them by. I got a local magazine from a friend who wanted me to continue practicing the language. A recipe book from another friend so I can bake cakes and think of him at the same time. He always did love my cooking. I got some jewelry and a cute scarf from the fashion gurus among my friends. But the best gift of all (Thanks N & J) was a book called Life’s Little Detours: 50 Lessons to Find and Hold Happiness.

I’ve been engrossed in books, articles and blogs this past year, reading and writing have become my life. Romance novels and girly dramas.  Articles about marriages, statistics about divorce. Psychology digests, relationship columns, and blogs that range from infidelity to dating and love. And so this book seems like the perfect read for someone in my situation (and maybe in yours, dear reader). Someone once a hero, now looking to be rescued. Someone who finds themselves a little lost. Someone searching for happiness again. Someone who needs a little reminder, a small nudge, and a bit of help to feel good. Someone who has taken a little detour in life.

 And so waking up today in my new bed, new home, new life…I’ve decided that I will read, write and breathe these lessons while I share them with you, so that you too may learn these inspiring lessons of life.


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