The Girl From Yesterday

by bye2mrwrong

“She took a plane across the sea to some foreign land.
Stayed at home and tried so hard to understand.
How someone who had been so close could be so far away.
And she became the girl from yesterday.”

I landed with both feet on the ground. Eyes blurred by tears, runny nose, splitting headache and burning red cheeks. With a storm stirring in my heart, it had been one of the most emotional days since D-day. It had been the day I said goodbye.

Saddened by your late apologies but touched by your tears; you left me confused by your sudden display of love. Stirred by sweet memories, you left me tangled in emotions which I have not felt in quite some time. I turn to leave it all behind. You take my hand, embrace me for the last time and beg me to stay your friend, but I refuse. I have left you with my last words; I have left you with pieces of my broken heart.

Hours pass by leaving me to sulk in my own feelings, to re-live the last moments over and over in my mind, to wonder my “what ifs”, worry my worries, and let my river of tears flow out. On the other side they wait for me. My life support, my blood, my family which have been holding my hand from afar. I approach them slowly, weary and hesitant. Afraid of my own reaction to such unconditional love. But then I see their smiling faces, and open arms. Ready to catch me if I fall, to support me if I stumble. They have come to pick me up and take me away from the pain. The pain which I hope I have left behind; there in that house which you now have to live in. That house of broken promises, filled with memories but bursting with emptiness.

As I am enwrapped by warmth and love, I remember why I wanted to come back here. I remember that after the storm the sun will shine again.


4 Comments to “The Girl From Yesterday”

  1. A heartwarming picture of your family ready to love you and care for you. I’m glad you have them.

  2. You will survive and thrive again.
    Blessings on you

  3. My heart goes out to you. Hold on to your family, let them care for you and envelop you in their love. You Will Heal – you are already. You’ve done it. The worst is behind you.

    Remember (and say it over and over again) the future is yours. You can be who you want to be, you can have want you want to have. It’s a white canvas waiting for you to paint your new future on it. It’s not far – just a few steps away. Lean forward and you can touch it. You are already.

    Masses of hugs

    • Thanks Caroline. Your words are alwasy so encouraging. And your metaphors are just perfect. White canvas. i love it. And maybe that is how I should look at it all.

      I must say that being around my family, hearing their voices, seeing loving faces every day has already put in a a more cheerful and happy place. I am leaning forward, although I am taking my time. Trying to stable my feet on the ground, and get back on the saddle.

      Thanks for the hugs. They are always welcome.
      Big hugs back to you. I hope you too are leaning forward and painting a new picture on your canvas.

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