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June 9, 2011

Baby Brother

by bye2mrwrong

I interrupt my usual messages to introduce to you today my baby brother. Brown hair and brown eyes, gorgeous face with a dazzling smile, wide shouldered, and approx 6 “feet tall (no he’s not really a baby anymore, and girls this is not an advert although he is available). Today my brother turns 23 years old.  Happy Birthday Baby!

23! Despite that he will always be my baby brother (and in general the baby of the family) that’s basically a man. At that age I had already left home to the other side of the world, was in the middle of my bachelor studies and was in a serious committed relationship.

All grown up he has turned into a fine young lad; cute but modest, intelligent but apathetic, funny but recluse, sweet but cunning, sarcastic but polite. I wish I could say more about my brother. I wish I could tell you stories of the times we spent together, or of the moments that bonded us. Yes I do recall some special moments, some fights when we were kids, some moments of laughter and some moments of tears. Trips we went on, and beers we drank. But having spent the best years of his life OUT of his life I am afraid that I barely know him. I have missed out on those things that bond brothers and sisters together.

Let me go back a bit. When I came here 10 years ago I came as a young girl, barely 21, naive and positive I had a heart full of hope and a head full of dreams. Given the promise of love, courageous and excited I ran toward it leaving everything else behind. 10 years later I am to return with a broken heart and crushed dreams. Back to where I started, to the people and the life I have left behind; people who have not forgotten me, but with time have grown apart.

So do I get a chance to create new memories, to make a new stronger connection with my baby brother? I hope so. But I’m not sure; because as I move back in, he will shortly be moving out, starting down his own journey, just as I did at that age. Going off to study (although not in a foreign land) but in a different city. Maybe if I’m lucky he’ll have some time to spend with his big sister, in between studying, going out with friends and giving time to some special girl he may or may not have.

Whatever happens, I hope he knows I’ve always got his back (and to be honest since he’s so much bigger and taller than me, I actually hope he’s got mine). And more importantly I hope he knows that no matter the distance I’ll always love him, cause he’ll always be my baby brother.