My Favorite Mistake

by bye2mrwrong

Every story has an ending. We grow up hearing about the fairy tales. Those are the stories with the good endings, the happily ever after. But life is not a fairy tale.

Although no one has ever escaped the inevitability of a heartbreak, and many loves end, for a long time I felt that this ending was cursed. This love as long as it was… felt too short.  Now as we look into each others eyes, there is no love. There are only two strangers, and the fire that burned between us has died.

There was a time though that I walked down the streets searching for your familiar face within the crowds. A twist of longing burning at my side left me with an old craving that wouldn’t leave me in peace. It destroyed my nights leaving me awake to ponder as a wave of wild fantasies flew through me and I lost reality for however brief a moment. As my head dropped on the pillow each night, I wondered what I was searching for, what I was chasing after. As I lay naked in our bed, I was reminded of how you invaded me, desecrated me. And as I closed my eyes I tried in vain to remember your face, the touch of your skin, and the softness of your lips. I imagined you holding me, loving me all over again.  All I wanted then was to touch you, just one last time. I wanted to feel you close to me.

But when the dawn finally came, an old memory arose and reminded me… debts cannot be paid with empty hands. You have been expelled from my sky, and words cannot cover the silence or sadness in my eyes. All that is left now are a few moments in my imagination to hold on to. And although I have not forgiven you, you will always be my favorite mistake, a scar branded into my soul. With pain in my heart and tears in my eyes I say goodbye to life I thought I had designed for me. I have accepted my new fate. Here our paths part.

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