Let’s Kill All The Lawyers (Part II)

by bye2mrwrong

“It is better to be a mouse in a cat’s mouth than a man in a lawyer’s hands.”

That’s it, this pussy lawyer has totally pissed me off. This has just become a game of shuffling papers from left to right and then back again. What are we hiring lawyers for anyway? To take our money at a rate for $150 per hour??? No wonder everyone hates lawyers.  It seems like “they’re rescuing our estate from our enemies but keeping it for themselves”. What is it with lawyers anyway? They all dress the same, they all talk the same… and it seems that they all smoke the same cigar.

I mean I pay this guy to help me out, to give me advice, to fight for me; and all he does is hand me over some papers and ask me for my comments. I mean if I knew what to do in the first place, then I wouldn’t have hired him. Do I look like a serial divorcee that knows what the hell she’s doing? I thought he was the expert.

OK so maybe I do need him to help me “rip out my husband’s genitals through his wallet”, and to make sure that I even get the papers handed over to me in the first place, but he’s letting me do all the work. So what’s the point?

So big-loud- mouthed-brave me, I decided to write my lawyer exactly what I think of him, I was going to tell him off, to give him a piece of my mind, to do some good tongue lashing, to tell him this is my life not a game between lawyers… but at the end I found myself writing a nice polite restrained  letter instead. So much for showing him who’s the boss!

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2 Comments to “Let’s Kill All The Lawyers (Part II)”

  1. Hey!! I can not stress enough the importance of getting a good lawyer who will represent you. A lot of lawyers start to think it is their case. It is not, it is yours! They should give you their advice and opinion but ultimately, you should make the call. Funny, but often female lawyers are better at responding to their client’s (male and female) wishes. I’m not sure where the divorce is pending but even the hint of an affair should sway things on your side. Again, depending on where you are and a lot of factors, the husband can he held to pay for your attorney as well. It’s all part of the negotiations.

    If you are not comfortable with how your lawyer is handling your case, get another lawyer. Word of mouth is a good referral system. “She cut my ex’s balls off!” would be a good start.

    Just don’t sell your self short in this process.

  2. Thanks 2passion!
    Actually were pretty much done. Now its really just a matter of waiting.
    Unfortunately where I live it doesn’t matter why 2 people decide to divorce. So his affair and possible child from his mistress does not really make a difference for the case.
    If there ever is a next time (God forbid) I will definitely go for a woman lawyer. Maybe they try harder cause they feel that they have to prove themselves more – you know woman in the business world 😉

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