All I Want For The New Year Is….

by bye2mrwrong

Every year before the New Year begins we make our New Years resolutions. Lists of outrageous declarations of what we want to accomplish in the year to come or habits we want to get rid of; lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, drink less, pay off debt, save money,  be a better person, etc.

This year my goals are a bit different. I have no plan of action, and no strategy. Hell I’m not even sure my goals are achievable…but they are my little broken heart’s dreams and wishes to be fixed and mended, patched up and sown.

For 2011 all I want is:

1.       To be happily divorced

2.       To get over my husband without needing someone else

3.        To repair my broken heart

4.       To be with my family

5.       To find my Mr. Right

5 Comments to “All I Want For The New Year Is….”

  1. Hi my Guiding Light
    I Hold my fingers crossed for you. You realy deserve geting all these wishes fullfiled.
    Reading what you wrote about your mom, I’m sure your family strongly share your 4th wish, as well as the others.
    So Have a really happy new year.

  2. You’re a strong lady, even if you dont feel like it! I’m sure 2011 will bring you much happiness -probably more than you anticipate right now- with or without Mr Right in tow (but I have everything crossed for you!).

    Happy new year! 🙂

    • Dear Serene,

      Thank you for your kind words. I definitely don’t feel strong (read my latest blog) but I am happy to be surrounded by people who encourage me and support me.
      I imagine it can’t get any worse than 2010…so I am hopeful for a better 2011!
      Thanks for reading my blog, hope to see you back here again.
      All the best to you to for this New Year!

  3. I believe you will do all that AND MORE! Wishing you lots of love and healing for 2011 🙂

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